Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Smart Safety (Physical Defence)
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    • A message from your instructor
    • Next steps
  • 02
    Repelling Techniques
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    • Introduction to repelling
    • Strikes using your hands to repel
    • Strikes using your legs to repel
    • Hand repelling & strikes QUIZ
  • 03
    How to cover your head
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    • How to cover your head
    • Cover QUIZ
  • 04
    Assault Breakaways
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    • Introduction to assault breakaways
    • Core concepts of assault break aways
    • How to break away from an assault
    • Assault Breakaway QUIZ
  • 05
    Ground defence
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    • How to fall to ground and get back up
    • Defence from the ground
    • What to do when attacker is on top of you
    • Pushed to ground from behind
    • Ground defence QUIZ
  • 06
    Weapon defence
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    • Introduction to weapon defence
    • Visual searching
    • Understanding weapons
    • Defending against a short weapon
    • Defending against a long weapon
    • Taking the initiative with a weapon
    • De-escalating a scenario with a weapon
    • Weapon defence QUIZ
  • 07
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    • Covid19 - Coughing & Spitting
    • Escape & Evasion
    • Covid19 - coughing & spitting QUIZ
  • 08
    Before you go...
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    • Before you go...
  • Head Trainer

    Trainer Bio:

    Hi team! Q here...Let's make this part short & sweet as I really don't like talking too much about me. I started martial arts when I was 5 years old, this was due to my father being in the NZ Army and every time we were transferred to a new base there was a martial art club to keep me and my 3 other brothers busy. I left school too soon, as it was not a good fit and went to work as an apprentice Coach builder. My childhood dream was always to be a Police Officer so I went back to night school and worked hard to get the required qualifications to join. The universe was listening as I passed the Police entry test and loved every minute of the following 9 years, gaining experience in VIP witness & protection squad, team policing and drug squad monitoring etc. As I had martial arts experience I found myself taking on Defensive Tactics Training roles and contributing to Police staff safety. I fell in love (not only with my wife) with the idea of keeping as many good people safe as I could. There has been no looking back since 1999 when Contact Training Systems Ltd was created and I have been fortunate enough to travel to incredible places around the world. It is humbling when I look at the opportunities I have been given in researching, developing and delivering fit for purpose training programs to the widest variety of people I could have ever imagined. So how do I share our knowledge with a wider group of like minded people, well the 'IT" world has finally caught up to us. It is time to embrace it so I can share our PASSION with you, there's plenty of us out there who want to feel more peace of mind! My PURPOSE is to share concepts with you that are trusted, realistic and used successfully everyday by leading security agencies. So my PLEDGE to you is to give you everything I have, NO SECRETS, whether it is based on our research, knowledge, experience or just that kick of confidence you needed to get the momentum started in creating a safer security industry. 'Keeping Good People safe' has been moto from day one, it is time for us to make a real difference.

    Quinton Swanson

    Head Trainer

    Quinton Swanson

These people already know the value of our programme

Everyone deserves to be safe...

“As a mother of all girls I found it very important for my girls to be able to look after themselves. Q, Vicky and the team at HardTarget gave them the tools, knowledge and the confidence to live in the world we live in today. So thanks to you, and thanks to the wonderful course you provide.”


““Hi Q, I want to thank you for the training I have received from you. One part of your training sessions involving confrontation with a knife wielder unfortunately happened to me in real life but fortunately with the training I received from you I was mentally and physically prepared for this particular scenario. Just four months after doing your training I found myself in an incident where I was attacked by an offenders attempting to take my motor vehicle. I was stabbed multiple times in my chest as I tried to escape being confined in the drivers seat of my vehicle all while strapped to my seatbelt. I want to advise you that much of the training I received from the course had a huge impact in the aftermath of the attack, more so how it significantly helped me mentally. During training you were committed to us the participants to enact lifelike scenarios and as a result of this when I was confronted by my attacker, I was mentally prepared, a scenario I was already familiar with was unfolding right before my eyes. Having been through your training has been an advantage, it has helped me move on with my life and dealing with my emotions mentally. Thank you Q! ” Ati”


Have you done Smart Safety Foundation course?

Make safety a priority and build resilience

This online course can be completed in your own time in your own environment and is part two to our popular Smart Safety series. We highly recommend that you only enrol here if you have already completed our Smart Safety Foundation course. The short videos are separated into chapters just like a book, with supporting quizzes to consolidate your learning. You can complete as a family unit or find the information you need to pass when the time is right for your children. The main idea of this course is for you to learn about conflict and how to avoid it however it will also give you some physical skill concepts should you need them for a last resort. This course is yours to keep so that at any stage you can refer back to concepts and skills. On completion you will even receive our certificate. BONUS!! We have included a video relating to Covid-19 and how you can help to avoid being deliberately coughed or spat on.
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Have you done Smart Safety Foundation course?

What will I learn?

More about the Smart Safety Course

  • Defend yourself from a physical attack that you couldn't prevent

  • Teach you how to defend yourself on the ground

  • How to defend yourself from a weapon

  • What to do if someone is deliberately coughing or spitting

  • The concept of how to strike correctly


  • How long can I have access to this course?

    Once you have purchased this course you can have unlimited access to the content.

  • How long does this course take to complete?

    Each chapter has videos which are mostly only a few minutes each. It will depend on how much time you spend practising scenarios that will determine time but we recommend lots of practise.

  • Do I need any equipment or gear to do this course?

    No but if you have someone to role play with and discuss concepts that can be extra helpful. Of course some hand pads or kick pad would also be of benefit but not essential.

  • Can anyone do this course?

    Yes. We have designed the course with everyone in mind.

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