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We all have life experiences that can weigh us down, create the feeling of fear and encounter situations that can be unsafe. The team at HardTarget can give you the life skills and knowledge to lift some of this weight and instil the confidence that you deserve. We will help you to discover your inner strength & instinctive responses. Having a trust in yourself, not in a remembered ‘move’ is an important step in releasing the fear that stops you being able to react swiftly. HardTarget exists to empower normal people with prevention-based knowledge on how to keep safe …and get out of real-life conflict situations. We train an extensive variety of people including Mums and children through to security and military personnel so we can guarantee a solution for you! We are sure that you will like these short quizzes with bite-sized videos of what we do. We also look forward to hearing more from you and helping you achieve your goals.
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    Hi team! Q here...Let's make this part short & sweet as I really don't like talking too much about me. I started martial arts when I was 5 years old, this was due to my father being in the NZ Army and every time we were transferred to a new base there was a martial art club to keep me and my 3 other brothers busy. I left school too soon, as it was not a good fit and went to work as an apprentice Coach builder. My childhood dream was always to be a Police Officer so I went back to night school and worked hard to get the required qualifications to join. The universe was listening as I passed the Police entry test and loved every minute of the following 9 years, gaining experience in VIP witness & protection squad, team policing and drug squad monitoring etc. As I had martial arts experience I found myself taking on Defensive Tactics Training roles and contributing to Police staff safety. I fell in love (not only with my wife) with the idea of keeping as many good people safe as I could. There has been no looking back since 1999 when Contact Training Systems Ltd was created and I have been fortunate enough to travel to incredible places around the world. It is humbling when I look at the opportunities I have been given in researching, developing and delivering fit for purpose training programs to the widest variety of people I could have ever imagined. So how do I share our knowledge with a wider group of like minded people, well the 'IT" world has finally caught up to us. It is time to embrace it so I can share our PASSION with you, there's plenty of us out there who want to feel more peace of mind! My PURPOSE is to share concepts with you that are trusted, realistic and used successfully everyday by leading security agencies. So my PLEDGE to you is to give you everything I have, NO SECRETS, whether it is based on our research, knowledge, experience or just that kick of confidence you needed to get the momentum started in creating a safer security industry. 'Keeping Good People safe' has been moto from day one, it is time for us to make a real difference.

    Quinton Swanson

    Head Trainer

    Quinton Swanson